Montessori Math is Golden!

These Two BIG Bead Layouts Teach About Quantities and Symbols

In this video I’ll show you two layouts using the Golden Bead Material.

Hooray! I have just added another Montessori Math video to my YouTube channel! This is the next part in my series explaining how we taught place value, quantity and symbols (numerals) using the Golden Bead Material (my favorite) at our house!

In my previous videos, I explained how we taught quantity using the beads, and symbols using the number cards. In this video I show you how we put it all together in two big, exciting layouts. Your kids will LOVE building these big numbers and the whole decimal system will click for them when they see it all laid out.

My hope is that these videos will make Montessori Math feel more doable and less complicated for homeschooling families, because I think it is such an amazing way to give children a deep understanding of mathematical concepts. So check it out and let me know what you think!

Looking for the material list? Here it is!
Golden Bead Material
Low-cost Printable version (includes cards, beads and small place value mats)
45-Layout Mat
PDF of the lessons in detail