Montessori Math at Home: The Card Layout Lesson

Watch my YouTube Tutorial to see how we taught the Montessori Card Layout lesson

Place value lessons don’t get as much attention as they deserve. This super important foundational skill will save your child years of struggle down the road.

Materials you’ll need for this lesson:

Lesson PDF
Number Cards
Place Value Mat OR
Printable Version of the Mat, Golden beads and Cards

Anyone out there remember “carry the 1” and “borrowing” from when you learned math in traditional schooling? Instead of teaching mindless steps, give your child a concrete understanding of the foundations of math and set them up for a lifetime of success!

Watch my latest video showing the Montessori Card Layout lesson, and then you’ll be ready to teach your children all about place value. This is the second video in my Montessori Math at Home series. Next time I’ll show you how we use the beads and cards together, so be sure to subscribe!